Roswell Redux

revisiting the pod squad

Roswell Redux: Revisiting the Pod Squad
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This is a community for discussing episodes of the television show Roswell in chronological order.

Roswell Redux

Each week community members will view the next episode, probably on dvd. For anyone who does not own the dvds, a link to Amazon Unbox, where episodes may be legally downloaded for a small fee, will be provided. A summary of the episode will be posted, and then members may spend the rest of the week discussing the episode, posting related fanfic and fanart, and doing all of the other wonderful things that fandom does, exactly as if the show was new.

Members are strongly encouraged to invite new fans. This is the perfect opportunity to get your friends hooked, and allow them a taste of the fandom, without fear of spoilers, and without feeling lost.

Any discussion, fanfic, or artwork that skips ahead is strictly forbidden. This is the only rule. If we're watching season one, and you post a fic that mentions a character we haven't met yet, it will be deleted.

Please try to avoid spoilery icons! We all tend to use our favorite icons without thinking about it, especially with a show as old as Roswell, but since I'm really hoping to hook some newbies, let's try to keep our icons spoiler-free.

Keep fics longer than a drabble, wallpapers and larger artwork, and icons numbering more than three behind an LJ-cut, please. A fake cut to your own journal or website is fine too.

Meta posts, essays, and that sort of thing -- no hard and fast rule. Cut at your own discretion.

Actor squeeage: If a former Roswell actor appears elsewhere, or if you have current photos of a Roswell star, or anything else of that type, it really doesn't belong here. Try to keep it about the characters, not the actors. Thanks.

The obvious rules: No off-topic spam, and treat fellow members with respect.