The Pilot

 Never has a show captivated me from it's very inception.  There's a kind of magic in The Pilot.  I can't say it's the acting, nor is it the writing, nor even is it that impossible to fabricate chemistry.  If you look at The Pilot and analyze any one of these components, you'll find them lacking, but somehow, when you look at the show as a whole, the package just comes together.  When Max Evans says "It was you,"  my heart just melts, I was smitten from the first.  I have more to say, but my kids are clammoring for my attention.
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Fanworks For the Pilot

If you have icons, wallpapers, or fanfic that you've made for the pilot episode, share it in this thread. You may also recommend fanworks belonging to others, but be very careful not to link to spoilers, which is especially tricky this early in the season. If in doubt, save it to post later.

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General Discussion Thread for Pilot

Go ahead and discuss the pilot episode in this thread. Remember, and I know it's getting broken-record-like, watch the spoilers. If you wish to make a long meta (essay) post or start a more specific discussion, you may start a new post for it, so don't feel limited by the comment box character limit (it's 4000 characters, btw).

Sometime tomorrow I'll post a summary of the episode, if nobody else has done so.
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Pilot Episode to "Air" Tomorrow

We're kicking off tomorrow, with a virtual airing of the pilot episode of Roswell. Pull out your dvds or your old video tapes and watch the pilot episode sometime on November 1, and let the discussions begin.

There will be two new threads posted tomorrow, one for discussion of the pilot episode, and one to recommend or share fanworks (fanfic, icons, wallpapers, etc) that pertain to it. Be very careful about recommending fanworks that might spoil later episodes, as we definitely have new viewers among us, and remember to have fun.

If you do not own the dvds or have other access to the show, it is available for legal download on both amazon unboxed and iTunes.
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This community will soon be discussing episodes of the television show Roswell in chronological order.

Each week community members will view the next episode, probably on dvd. For anyone who does not own the dvds, a link to Amazon Unbox, where episodes may be legally downloaded for a small fee, will be provided. A summary of the episode will be posted, and then members may spend the rest of the week discussing the episode, posting related fanfic and fanart, and doing all of the other wonderful things that fandom does, exactly as if the show was new.

Members are strongly encouraged to invite new fans. This is the perfect opportunity to get your friends hooked, and allow them a taste of the fandom, without fear of spoilers, and without feeling lost.

Any discussion, fanfic, or artwork that skips ahead is strictly forbidden. This is the only rule. If we're watching season one, and you post a fic that mentions a character we haven't met yet, it will be deleted.

Please try to avoid spoilery icons! We all tend to use our favorite icons without thinking about it, especially with a show as old as Roswell, but since I'm really hoping to hook some newbies, let's try to keep our icons spoiler-free.

Keep fics longer than a drabble, wallpapers and larger artwork, and icons numbering more than three behind an LJ-cut, please. A fake cut to your own journal or website is fine too.

Meta posts, essays, and that sort of thing -- no hard and fast rule. Cut at your own discretion.

Actor squeeage: If a former Roswell actor appears elsewhere, or if you have current photos of a Roswell star, or anything else of that type, it really doesn't belong here. Try to keep it about the characters, not the actors. Thanks.

The obvious rules: No off-topic spam, and treat fellow members with respect.
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