Spiletta42 (spiletta42) wrote in roswell_redux,

Discussion Post for Leaving Normal

While the main thrust of the story centers on Liz in this episode, we see important character development for both Kyle and Isabel.

  1. Isabel, despite her initial haughty refusal, helps Maria at the Crashdown. Is this a change of heart, or is the haughtiness an act? What do we learn about Isabel in this episode?

  2. Even before Max healed Liz, she made it clear that her feelings for Kyle were limited. Do Kyle's feelings run deeper?

  3. Power over life and death leads to some morally gray territory. Should Max have tried to heal Liz's grandmother? Was his refusal based in morality, or fear of his own discovery? Or does his gift simply have limits?

  4. Do orthodontists really check out people's teeth when out to dinner?

  5. Please add your own discussion questions.

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