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Don't Delete Us!

Livejournal is doing the deletion thing again, so here's our keep-me-alive post. And while I have your attention, I really want to do a proper rewatch. If anyone's on board, now's your chance to give me input as to scheduling.

Roswell is currently streaming on Hulu and Amazon Instant Video (free if you're a Prime member). I'm told on it's Netflix as well, both on dvd and streaming.

Would people like a one episode per week schedule? Something faster? Something slower? Let me know.

Support Stacie Author Auction

Hey all,

I didn't know if everyone had heard that Support Stacie is holding another Author Auction and Chat this upcoming weekend (April 3rd - 6th). There are some great Roswell authors on the block, along with awesome authors from other fandoms. Just think of all the lovely Roswell fics that could come out of this auction.

If you have some time, you may consider offering a story for auction. Sign-ups go through tomorrow (March 30th). Or, if you have sometime next weekend, you might like to offer host a chat. Either way, please take a gander, spread the word, and possibly bid on some great authors.


Support Stacie

 Hey all,

I just wanted to send out a little message about some really cool things coming up this weekend.  If you;ve been around Roswellfanatics or Roswell Heaven the last couple of weeks, you might have heard about  the Support Stacie Chat-a-thon.  Well, it starts tomorrow night and will be 40 hours of chats will some of your favorite past and present Roswell authors.   Please, drop by and say hello.

There is also that Support Stacie Silent Aucton going on right now.  There are several lots already open for bidding and few more on the way.  And we are talking about some completely awesome stuff, so please check it out. 



Have wonderful weekends and I hope to chat with you all soon!

fuzzy lobster, idic

Leaving Normal

Okay, kids, we're going to get this thing going. Next Thursday we're going to discuss Leaving Normal, the fourth episode of the series. So if you haven't watched the pilot, The Morning After, and Monsters, now seems like a fine day to catch up on those. Then try to watch Leaving Normal so that it's fresh in your mind for Thursday, while giving yourself time to perhaps think it over.

I'll post a list of discussion questions very early on Thursday morning. You'll also be able to share fanfic and fanart related to that episode, or to the first four episodes in any combination, at that time.
fuzzy lobster, idic

Suggestions for Making This Work, Please?

The first few episodes didn't really generate much discussion, and then the holidays hit, and I haven't been very good at keeping this comm going. I think we need to adopt a slightly more structured format, like the Stargate SG-1 and X-Files redux comms have, but I'm not really sure.

What would everyone think of signing up for a specific episode, and writing a meta post for it, thus sparking a more directed discussion for each episode?

Does anyone have any other ideas?

We'll get back to the episodes regardless in the next week or so.